Imagine the fish... You eat your sushi, eh? New Year's Day party at Robin Van Baak!

day one - preparations

hello. my name is dr. joerg and i shall lead you through this session. we have few things to do this evening, few interesting tasks pertaining thereunder.

originally i was doomed to paint kanjis and produce a set of traditional japanese paper lamps but tonight i have been handed a 90kg fridge to carry from the basement into the kitchen. the fact that robin had helped me does nothing to lessen my frustration, so please bear with me if i start being difficult at times.

before we do anything else, take a glance at my belly. others do not seem to have noticed anything, but i am anxious if i should be worrying about it. it has some faint, distant image of pregnancy, when you look at it. no wonder, i would say, it has just been tamed by robin's spaghetti and given the fact that we just brought the fridge from the basement, who can say where he kept the ingredients for the sauce all the time?

this is the fridge i am talking about. yes, i carried this one all the way from the basement. whenever i refer to 'the fridge', you should know this is the one i mean. look at it. would you carry it?

the day after tomorrow, this fridge shall hold our favourite alcoholic beverages and keep them down at the acceptable temperature. I promise to evidence it in its full state with another photo later.

back to my original assignments, you can see i have completed them. kanjis on the wall combined with that soft light in the corner make up a picture pleasant to the eye. the plant fits to the image well, even if it has not been tended the way it should have been. kanjis of my production are not only here, but all over the place. praise yourself lucky if you don't know what they mean.

not only kanjis count to my contribution, but the light as well. look at this soft light, this color of the morning sun, this most true materialisation of the theme we have chosen for the new year's eve.

the techfreaks have allready begun an invasion upon our peace with the digital camera? reny, the lady of the warlord seems to be caught unprepared. she was deep in conversation with katja, discussing matters at hand and seems to take the flashy disturbance as a major offense.

don't be afraid. the most beautiful lady within this realm has a heart big enough to forgive us.

katja's motherly smile eases the soul and lets everyone feel protected like a child, banishing all the worries. we can acknowledge the efforts she made in order to see this party prepared properly, observing strictly every available protocol, but robin shall never forgive her for having ignored his marvelous spaghetti and spicy sauce, superior to any other.

risk a glance at my belly once more, up there on the second picture. this time observe katja sitting in the background and notice the amount of ignorance she offers to this matter. she obviously doesn't care about my ball-belly. maybe i put myself to worry too much?

this is, of course, michael of the katja. his smile radiates in much the similar way like his lady's above. it seems like he managed to take a picture of himself without appearing to be blinded by the camera flash.

he did something very special to please the warlord. he brought beer. actually, he brought the whole machinery designed to emphasize the joy of every beer drinker in the world. he payed special attention to the instructions about how to make the machinery operational and although rumors say that 25 litres can never be enough, it is evident that it shall be joyous.

here it is, the machinery of beer. i cannot help it, but it looks to me as if it would vanish within first few hours. does the amount appear small to you? tell me your thoughts. i have no thoughts. i only see the foam coming from these cans and pray to whichever the god would listen for enough wine to compensate this obvious lack of beer. whatever,

on the other side, even if the beer collapses, the food shall be sufficient. look at the mighty dish is being unpacked and made ready. it shall contain something that shall in turn be contained by our bellies. what exactly that is, was never of any consequence and if the beer holds long enough it shall become of even less consequence. anyway, a delicious curry shall be prepared in this dish.

mmm... my mouth allready waters... my belly shall be fine. just, where are the plates to eat from?

'i have plates!', says robin, the one whose generousity shall offer us hostage for this party. 'i have large plates and small plates and whoever doubts that fact should look this way, for i hold the proof in my very hands!'

'lookie here, he has cups as well!', says hilly. 'of course', adds robin, happy that someone helps him uncover his pride. 'i have cups, you see? that there, that thing in hilly's hand, that is my cup! i have everything!'

i cannot tell what the temperature within this room is, but it must be rather low, seeing those two freezing creatures as they clutch on the ground near the heating. while they try to warm themselves, there are others who cheer at the cold, for if it is cold, the beer cannot get warm.

by the way, they just had to look to the left and they would see the mighty fridge, as shown above. could it be that keeping the powerful fridge open just near the place where you sit influences the local temperature?

the photographer hopes to make a good picture from the ground level? maybe he heeds hope to catch our legs spread? here, eat the polished bottoms of our shoes instead, as it reflects the flash back into your lens. take your moral-violating photos elsewhere, boy, we don't serve your kind here.