Imagine the fish... You eat your sushi, eh? New Year's Day party at Robin Van Baak!

day two - after the fire

where is igor all the time? everywhere you look there are traces of his presence, like these half-empty food plates here, but he is nowhere in sight.

'hey, martina, look at the sushi! what happened? where had all the food gone?'

'oh, my god, i have no idea! looks like igor has been very hungry.'

'wow... that man does great honour to his belly, indeed.'

just take a look at torben.

'weeee all liv in thee yallaw submarine, yellaw submarine, yell... llow submarine.' 'and wee... hick... weeee have a lot of beer within, a lot of beer within, a lodof b...'

'joerg, what did you swallow? admit it! now!'

'nothing! just stay away from me!'

'go away! go away!'

that man gives me creeps every time he looks at martina that way.

hilly had found someone to massage her feet. she now gives herself a moment of peace while the newly named servant does his job. who was it, by the way? hands look male... at least no woman would judge herself lucky with such hairs.

makeup should never be allowed to take its own course, eh?

heidi and walter are posing! not a common practice this night.

'i love her! i love this woman, do you hear? i luv her so much!'

'ee.. he loves me..'

'we love aech other as well. be assured, we do.'

whatever holger asked her to do, i leave it to your imagination to guess.

is ulf asking katja the same thing here?

this is how she should have glown when facing such question.

but of course, it is not katja but kim who glows upon ulfs questions.

martina wants to glow too, but nobody asked her a thing.

natalie can only laugh at them and glow in her own right.

but wait, why should only women be the ones to glow? torben is here to represent his brethren.

the one guest or another always makes mess. it cannot be prevented. robin takes pains to remove the shards of a broken glass here, but the efectiveness of his tools is rather questionable.

when he finished cleaning the mess away, he stood and said:

'this time i cleaned for you. should you dare to threat my floor with ruin ever again in the future, i shall see you dead before the shards come to lay still.'

kim sits there. fascinated by koelsch? true? you can have a pint, just take it.

how do you comment that?