Imagine the fish... You eat your sushi, eh? New Year's Day party at Robin Van Baak!

day two - conclusion

one should notice that alcohol has gotten the better of lady hilly. only gods know what she was telling us here, but it was important according to the way how she holds her finger, as if warning us to be cautious about something.

'ah, you know, i am just happy, happy, happy. wwwwww...'

'we are happy too, hilly. look at bernhard's face and you shall see the calmness herself. we have made paece with the universe a long time ago.'

'wanna bet that hilly shall be forced to defend herself shortly?'
'really? you think so? let's observe!'

'and iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii will always... love youuuuuuuu... ouououououuuuuuu!'

'come, hilly, give me a passionate kiss, i longingly crave for such...'
'no! no smint, robin, no smint!'

'hahahahahahaha! what did i say? here she is, forced to act to her defense!'
'hehehehehehehe! yes!'

'as if that wasn't predictable... maaahhh... women!'

'don't worry hilly, i am here, i love my hilly and shall never let anyone do her harm and live. hilly is my best friend!'

'nanana... nanana... is something amiss?

'you have been watching the scene long enough now, baby. come, let me show you the depths of my passion.'
'but... the camera is watching us...'

'it is of no consequence for me, my dear. the only thing on my mind is you and i care not for malicious observers and their dirty plans to put all this in the internet.'
'oh, my loving, your words enflame within my heart. neither i shall care for anyone but you.'

'my dearest, put your arms around my neck and... just pay attention to my bottle, i would hate to loose it.'

'o-o! things are getting serious here! look at the two, lost in passion...'
'instead of eating those sweets, you would do better to copy some of their behaviour and take me in your arms! neither has copyrighted what they are doing!'

mmmm... smack! smack! mmmm.... oh... ah... smack! mmmmm....

mmmm... oh... oh... smack! smack! mmm... love me... mmmmm....

'gods! i can't stand that anymore!'

'it is always the same! others are spending a great time in passionate love while i must fight my headache caused by my own koelsch! there has never been justice upon this world!'

hhhrrrrrr..... ssssrrrrrrr..... 'sob... eh... i must tell you...'

'... i care neither about your headaches, nor about their passion. i am fine the way i am.... hhhrrrrrrrr..... sssrrrrrrrrr..... just be quiet....'

'no sleep 'till brooklyn, you snorrer's apprentice. i shall shake you awake within few moments.'
'ugh... shuddup and come here.'

'aye, i made it! he is awake again, eh? hura!'

this one surely isn't awake.

'hey, robin!'

'uuaaahhh! i'm coming! may the party begin! hi ho! hi ho!'

'let us start by introducing everyone. this here, this is my dear friend...'
'robin! the party is at the end and you are drunk, in case you misnoticed!'

'you want to go home, dear?'
'yes, i shall go to a more quiet place and call the taxi.'

'hell... now she is gone, heh! what now?'

'damn, i want a taxi!'

HEHEHEHEHE, a taxi! she wants a taxi! HE HE HE HE HE HE HE! it is new year's eve, dancing butterfly, and there are no taxis!

here i am, on the way home, driven by a friendly taxi driver. a courtesy of holger. thanx, pal. you are the one to receive thanks for bringing me home.

she still has no taxi? well... destiny is sometimes cruel, eh?

there are others who have it worse.