Imagine the fish... You eat your sushi, eh? New Year's Day party at Robin Van Baak!

day two - headbangers

'you wanna dance? yes?'

'look, others are allready dancing, even the koelschman moves his knees slightly.'

yes, but nothing like torben. look at that move. look at that face, full of passion, deep concentration and endurance.

what the heck is ulf drinking?

aye, let us turn the rounds.

yes, reny, hold your hands high and sing. you are the center of everyone's attention now.

is it my being unable to judge or does hilly really look as if she would find the performance somewhat beyond her taste?

alex twists left-right to some well-known hit. hop!

is something wrong?

aye, robin does it with charm and elegance.

katja sings out from her soul. eyes closed, fully given to her joy.

everyone is taken by the dj's tune.

finally, here are headbangers.

bang, bang, bang your head, deep down the air!

my god, this starts being fanatic, eh?

here is the high priest ulf starting with his prayer. he dances to the gods in doggy style, both hands in front of him and jumping forward like a sparrow...

...the high priest bangs his head while holding both hands on his back. he is close to trance...

...he calls his high priestess to aid him and they both dance on, right in accord to the tune...

...and he did it! finally, with the aid of his high priestess, he incanted a spell and the poltergeist dances with them!

seriously, this image is not creted with the computer. this dancing light is really on the photo. is it a game of light caused by the drop of one drink or another which may have fallen on the lens, or were there really the undead visiting ourt party?

reny is in the headbang trance, as if posessed. now i am really afraid... ghosts are among us!

'wiiihihihihihi, i did that priest thing well, did i?'

reny obviously remains ignorant and bangs on.

'hihihihahahaha, the priest thing was great, eh? was it?'

'hihihihihi, come on ulf, leave me alone.'

'tralali, tralali, tralala!'

ooh... an invitation to dance! look at this! i must go dance, folx, someone else take over the camera please!

yes! scream! cheer!

mmm... hello martina.

she was dancing with me this very moment. if she just knew the hidden hatred in the eyes of the quitche eater behind her...

olala. the brewmaster and his lady do it the traditional style. nice, eh? she looks upon her consort with affection and he sings, given to his joy.

the dragon beast does it just the other way around. he shakes without regard to any rule, he just let's the rhythm take him whereever it pleases.

'i am just a happy man, folx! just a happy man!'