Imagine the fish... You eat your sushi, eh? New Year's Day party at Robin Van Baak!

day two - midnight

it is twelve of the clock and it is time to wish a happy new year to everyone. champagne and sekt bottles are now opened all at once, to alexa's delight.

happy new year to whoever may read this, may your gods give you happiness and health. cheers!

there is robin pouring champagne in glasses. go to him if you want some.

walter is not late to wish a happy new year to everyone.

he offers lady reny his gratulations.

who the heck is this? torben wearing master brewer's glasses? whoever is may be, cheers!

hey bernhard! happy new year!

more gratulations in the background...

...few of them in the foreground...

and here go the kisses! that's what we have been waiting for, eh?

combinations you see here are near to impossible sometimes, hehe.


cheers everybody! happy new year!

if faces are missing, sekt is surely there.

we have some rather sentimental accurences here.

some are calling whoever they care for to whish them all the best...

...others are falling in their own thoughts...

...but not me. i have had it my way, hehehehehe!