Imagine the fish... You eat your sushi, eh? New Year's Day party at Robin Van Baak!

day two - opening the celebration

and the evening came. and we came. we gathered, determined to endure through the night, never to let any but the higher force stop us. the drinks are getting colder, the food warmer and people are arriving every second.

here we can see reny working hard to provide oncoming guests with warm curry. only later we would know how good the curry actually is, for at this hour, she lets noone touch the curry and live. when the time comes we may feed upon it, but now we can but watch it being prepared.

the decoration, be it the light, be it the kanji script, still holds position. the soft illumination brings a note of the rising sun in the atmosphere.

bold members of the fish assembly are delivering sushi. they are proud beyond limits of their creation.

here, that is our sushi. you pour it into that dark sauce behind it and swallow it. that's the way.

we also made some sashimi, see? rice, dr joerg's eggs, thuna paste, evrything is there.

more sushi.

even more sushi.

yet more sushi.

the beer has been made ready and tested. it works great. long live pott's brewery. this has been done without the brewmaster's presence and he needed about two hours to forgive us that issue. actually, he needed exactly the time until the can was empty. that gave him peace, for he and no other prepared the next can.

we also feel happy to fulfill the promise given by dr joerg earlier herewith. the fridge is full.

i could try some of this food, eh? the curry is finally ready and resides in the kitchen unprotected. i shall certainly use the grace of the moment and fill my belly a bit.

there is really a lot of food around here. look at all those dishes, prawns, curry, miso soup, rice... they just sit there in their respective dishes and wait for the hungry to come.

'you see those dishes there, full with all the delicious meals, yes? igor is allready upon it, you think we should have some as well, before he has left but empty dishes behind?'
'mmm... my mouth allready waters, my dear. let's go have some of it.'