Wondering what in God's name is Laborel? It is Melini's 1997 Chianti Classico, red. Whereever you see red wine on the table, that is Laborel. Brought to us by Pützi, the Winemaster.
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Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls,

I shall be your showmaster this day. Don't believe my eyes if they seem to hide amusement, they are tired waiting for the bottle. Don't believe my ear if it listens to your words, the other one is hidden anyway. Don't believe my misplaced shirt if it opens to catch my falling ear, noone is pulling at it from the side. Don't believe my double chin when it witnesses my overweight, it is just a shadow that occured for technical reasons.

Believe what you see. Pictures won't lie.

"Bahh... if he won't stop, then I can go home right away.
If he wanted, he could do do many useful things! Just as an example, he could end his everlasting studies, so the folk at the Uni stops mistaking him for an overweighted employee or an antique inventory.
But no, he is about to abide here preaching nonsense, his eyes half open, one ear without the other."

"The critics is not misplaced.
As a good gesture, I can present my earlip to compensate for the one he withheld.
But go take off that misplaced pullover that hides your chest, hair on which should have been banished long ago."

Ooooooo, Who can stand that much right at the start and live? Here, the pullover is gone and I am undone. I'll now go apply for a monk, far away and free from... everything...

[ Huh... that they can deform a man's face to such extent... who could have dreamed? I better keep my mouth closed and best hide under the table. My chin is as well double rather than single, I might be the next to cash some rage. ]

[ Hmm... I don't know, but I better stay quiet. I'll just scratch my chin and do as if my mind wanders, absent, lost contact to reality for a moment... I'll be my own very hero if I go unnoticed. ]

[ ... ]

Do you smell the smoke?
No, it's not a joke!
I feel it in my nose,
When I strike my pose.

A cigar is what I smell,
I know, well, I can tell.
With this water, with this wine,
One cigar must be mine!

Well, I don't smell a thing,
Nothing smell could bring.
I just see the smoke,
And thought it was a joke.

Now I see it's not,
The ashtray is now hot.
If a cigar will be thine,
One for me, will be fine.

For both of you, I have a cure,
Cuban production, tobacco pure.
Put it between teeth, set it aflame,
If your lips burn, who can you blame?
If you are able, get a cigar,
It's on the table, it is not far!
It is right there, within the reach,
Like the sand, on the beach.

"Yes. I'll need a big one, a big, big, big one, a mega-groovy thing of THAT size, you know? I want the firesquad on the door the moment I ignite it, no mercy, making no retreat, taking no fucking prisoners, wanna such a boost so it takes me down to the ground, so it smokes the hell out of the room! Big, bad, brown, mad, pure tobacco, allright?"

"Oh... Thanks!"

Yea, I do know, when I inhale,
You will all frown, as I go pale.
Fuck you, I'll take all of my fun,
I'll live this life, under this sun.

The smoke I breathe will be mine,
Wether it's natural, or divine.
I'll smoke myself thin, down to the bone,
Then I'll regard, what I have done.


[ ... ]

This hair that I pull,
Holds firm to my skull!
Why should I worry?
Why should I be sorry?

Life I won't loose,
Just slightly abuse
Still I do care,
When you so stare.

[ ... ]

"I shall have SUCH a BIG head the next morning, I know!"

[ ... ]

"There we have it again. And I must endure it in the bed later this evening."

The party FINALLY takes the right course, eh?


What the heck is it??"

"The candle... hehe hehe... it's quite funny"

"What about the candle?"

"what about the candle, what about the candle! Where were I if I would explain the funny secrets of the candle to everyone?"

"Hee Hee"

"Äh, go away, stop teasing. Yo can keep your candle, hehehe!"

"Oh, Gods, look at him!"

"Oh, no... look at him... dreadful..."

Yes, Look at me! LOOK AT ME!

Don't trust my nose, when you it betrays,
Don't trust my tongue, when in mouth it stays.
Don't trust my eyes, radiating dread,
Don't trust my ear, don't trust my head.

Believe in truth, we shall be back,
In another party, in another hack.
We shall have fun, and we shall drink,
So you can keep looking, so you can... wink!