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There is a beast within all of us. It fares deep within our very selves and sometimes it comes out, unleashing the power as old as the universe. It seeks its favourite alcoholic beverage out, spreads mischief while at it and reveals every little thing we always wanted to keep for ourselves to all those who should never know about it. At the end, when everyone gives us looks of sorrow, it starts showing us all the things we always hated about ourselves.

Now, those who manage to ignore all that and take things as they come, they shall have what is called fun by most standards. True, we shall repeat that "never alcohol again" sentence over and over once the morning comes, but if we can manage to look back at it after the time has healed the wounds and say "grandson, it was worth it!", then we have found what we have been seeking for: the bloody funny life.

The following table sumarises the currently planned events. You can get more information about each by clicking on whatever the links you find in there.

No Parties!--Sigh...

There are other journals about parties I was involved in, and others which I have not attended but would have done so without hesitation if I had the means. Most (all?) of them brought to you by My Lord of the Sherrard, the most amazing canadian breed which I am proud for knowing. My Lord, my everlasting thanks go out to you, for you have made my days under the Rising Sun a most pleasant expirience ever.

My weighty Lord has removed the photo documentation of our days from his site, or he just moved them and I am simply unable to find them again. Still he has a whole lot of things worth seeing and reading. Click on his belly on the right side to go to his realm. May the Beer be with you. And with me :-)

Past Events
Wiesn 2005, what Volke IT does once a year
Birthday 29, my last birthday with a two up front
Red Night, new Year's Day party 2002
Laborel Chat, there was a table. And wine
Girl's Nite, last day single
December, Welcome, december has come, and we saluted properly
Martina's Birthday, a wholeday birthday party
Farewell to Sam, he was recalled back to London
NYD 2000 Strikes Back, there were drinks and food left over
NYD 2000, New Year's Day party 2000

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