Softbits is a collection of articles and pieces of software which I publish, maintain or play with. They are here in order to share expirience with the world, with hope that they will be useful for more than just me.

Here are few highlights:

XML parsing and processing libraries and tools.

This page is devoted to the Windows port of libxml, libxslt and xmlsec, excellent XML processing libraries from the GNOME project. This is an ongoing project. Binaries for the Windows platform on the IA32 architecture are available.

A trade allocation algorithm.

This article talks about a common problem faced by most stock traders: Allocating goods purchased at different market prices between different customers, or different accounts of the same customer, so that the average prices remain as close to each other as possible.

eDisclaimer Collection
Shine and glory of the legal departments

You know those ridiculous disclaimers which often come attached to email messages, those that tell you that you are bound to certain terms by having received the message and that you have broken those terms by reading it? This article is a collection of the nicest pieces.

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Libxml, GNOME XML & XSLT processor
eDisclaimers, a collection of email disclaimers
Events, party & event schedule, photo collections from past events
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