31.12.2000 20:30
at lord robin van baak
address and phone number censored.
party is done and its location isn't
for your eyes any longer.

it is done.

yes, we did it. i use this opportunity to express a gigantic thank to all participants for the greatest party ever. happy new year and may these events be repeated until the world stops spinning.

    whatever has not been photographed, has never happened.

following these wise words, i have compiled the photo documentation of the event. click yourself through it using the links below and i hope the review shall give you as much fun as its making gave me.

day one - preparation for the party.
day two (begin) - opening the celebration.
day two (before midnight) - chat with cassis.
day two (at midnight) - cheers and happy new year.
day two (after midnight) - happenings after fire.
day two (headbang) - dance the new year welcome.
day two (conclusion) - last ack.

copyright © 2000 igor zlatkovic & robin van baak party people. all rights reserved.