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"You camera addicted maniac, you think I
like you flashing at me right at the beginning?
Turn those lens away from me. Find yourself
another target."
"You really cannot find anything else to do,
right? I won't have my photo gone public and
commented on by your twisted mind. Go away."
"Hey!, do that elsewhere, will ya?"
"Stop annoying, man!"
"Sam! Come win us free from this paparazzi!"
"I cannot believe my own ears. What is
wrong with you guys? He is making
memories! He carves these moments into
eternity and when the sun goes nova,
a rough picture of what we once were
shall still be there!"
"That's right. Here, take a photo of me. I am
young, beautiful, the lights shall dance when you
flash this way and your lens shall melt when I reflect
the light back to you!
"Come, flash at me, make this moment last forever
in your digital memory!"
"Aye, this lady demonstrates an attitude to
my liking. What hasn't been photographed,
has never happened, eh?
"But... young and beautiful in a moment
that lasts forever? Now, that is a subject
we could argue about for a time. We all now
that the beauty fades away..."
"...it fades as soon as the beer gives way.
That is why I have this bottle of mighty
firewater with me all the time. When the
beer is but a memory, I still have something
to keep the beauty alive with, hehehehe!"
" Yes! That is the truth, nothing
but the truth and I raise my
glass to that now. Cheers!"
"Me too. Cheers!"
" Aye, that was a good point. Cheers!"