Other parties held by the same folk include:

New Years Day 2000, you better eat your sushi.

New Years Day Strikes Back, there was some sushi left, indeed.

Sam's Farewell, he wants to leave, eh?

Note: Photos marked with [Off Topic] are not from this party, but fit in the tale so well that I had to present them here, hehe. Have fun.

What do you think I am going to do with the ingredients of this very bottle now? Five points for the one who places the best guess.
Martina shall do nothing different with the contents of that glass she holds in her hand, I wager. She knows what it is for and does not shy using it for that purpose.
Kim seems to be preparing herself for about the same action. She closes her eyes, takes a deep breath and lets it slowly escape her lungs. She enters a state of deep trance, her mind in peace, her soul in balance with the universe.
"Mama, I want to drink that too!"
"Oh my god! Please No!"
"But why, my dear? The wine is next to holy, for Jesus turned the water into wine, not the other way around. Let the young lady taste the divine creation now. One can never start early enough. What do you think, my dear?"

"You allready had a glass too much, I would say."
Here is a bunch of those who never give a second thought, neither to the creation, nor to revelation. Dr. Joerg holds his glass high, as if just to show that he had allready emptied a half of its contents. Why the gentleman to the Lady's right holds two glasses while she has none is beyond me.
This is the theme of our talk, this is the object of our passion. The drink for the Gods and heroes it is, it had lived long before we saw the light of the day and it shall still live long after our bones are but the dust carried by the northern winds. It glows and radiates raw power which cannot remain unseen.
"Yes it glows, it shines, aye, the power it has. Glow, glow, my little baby, my only love, my everything. Without you, I am a warrior without a blade, a bird with no wings. Glow, you liquid might, let me soak my throat in your light..."

"Cut that, you give me creeps."
Some encouragement needed? This Lord would like to taste the wine, but after he has seen the worshipping above, he looks upon the situation with an untrusty eye.
Is this a beggining of a kiss that forms on Martina's lips? Or is it the remains of the insult she just tended the man behind the camera with? Whatever it may be, Katja is smiling with all of her heart, that is certain.
The smile on Katja's lips infects the others within her reach.
Dr. Joerg radiates with proud, as if he were the one who had brought the smile on Lady Reny's lips.
Oh, we have more smiles out here... hers far superior to his... Let's risk a closer glimpse at her...
What does this smile remind you of, boys? When you step closer than she believes it safe, isn't that just the smile she gives you the moment she drives her knee home?
[Off Topic]
This is another perfect example of such grin. You see it, and then you hear a 'thud' from somewhere just below your belly.
[Off Topic]
This is how your face looks like in that moment, just before the pain has struck, right after you realised that your genital engine has been reduced to rustical breakfast.
"Every time the same story repeats. I do something as simple as smile towards the lens and you drag it through the dirt until it stinks! I shall never smile again...

What are those two down there looking at?"
Indeed, what are they looking at?
While they wait for the steaks, I shall let Martina feed me with... ehem... something sweet.
Then I shall feed her in turn.
Then she shall show the camera how she acomplishes feeding me while I patiently wait for the spoon to approach my mouth.

By the way... when you compare the colour of my skin with hers, I could really use some solar treatment, eh?
Heck the steaks. :-)