red night party

Decoration, setting up the rooms on the day before.
Beginnings, guests are slowly appearing.
Mafia knocks at the door.
Pre-Midnite, the hours before midnight.
Midnite, the midnight hour.
Post-Midnite, the hours after midnight.
Danceout, last bytes of the memory stick.
Startpage, where the story begins.
Doctor Hep's Photos, this party by another photographer.
Remember Dr. Jörg Berkemayerew? The one who left his back under the fridge two years ago at the NYD party 2000? Here he is again, a soviet mafia boss of a grand caliber, entering our estates frozen, in a grave need for a warm drink.

"Be it damned to Hell, it is so cold outside, my wodka freezes beyond repair, my molecules don't move, my fingers blue, my toes numbed. Two thousand rubles for the one who can move my toes!"

Look at Dr. Jörg and his loyal gorilla Watzlaw, how sad a lot they are. Getting rid off the coats and making comfortable seems to be a grand effort!

But... whaat is thaat? A mark of the rank? An attitude of a frozen mind?

Let's take a closer look below!

Risk a glance onto his front. Our Doctor has come to us with an intention to bribe! He decided to put money whereever it can buy something this night. What is he up to, what is he up to?

Perhaps one Lady or another will strip for him tonight and glue her underwear to his face, giving him a fair place to attach his monetary power at! Wait and see :-)

We shall wait and we shall see, but will our Doctor see anything? Take a closer glimpse at his face. His eyes closed, he dreams of a warm bed and a doxie to keep it warm, he is far from the mood needed to spend his rubles.

Let's face it, he won't make it through the night!

"No... the Doc won't make it much farther than this. Something... perhaps the chill has weakened him below his rank. He'll see no dancing girls, he'll taste no wodka. Ten Rubles he will drop before he reaches the bar."

"Hey, you bug, you son of a ditch ape, you seem to hold a mind no deeper than an ashtray! By applying critics to my boss you overstepped yourself greatly.

What you have said,
you will take back,
or you will hear
your own bones crack! "

"Oh, oh, you make my knees bounce in fear."

"Watzlaw, that was a grand insult. What he just said, cannot go forgotten and certainly not forgiven. Shoot him! Take your damn gun and shoot a second hole in his ass!"

"Sure, sure, I will, Doc! Here, I have my gun in my pocket, I'll shut his offending mouth forever, have no doubt!"

"Nöö, oder?"

"Damn... there comes the Big Boss... stand straight, Watzlaw! Keep your mouth shut and your damn gun in your pocket! Knob your Jacket closed!"

"Ehemm... Hello Boss!"

"You two idiots have come to ruin me a party? Not a single step inside and allready you behave like I told you a hundred times not to! What will people think? Off your coats and straight to the bar! I'll have a word with you now!"


"Okay Boss, we come! Watzlaw, start moving! And NO PHOTOS, damn it!

Watzlaw, will you come?"

"Okay, okay, I am ready. Let's go and may the Lord help us."