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"Ehmm... I need to go to the toilette again... I wonder, last time I was there, I could not find any toilette paper. Now I have this... I guess it shall do the job, eh?"

"Let that be your problem, Michael. If you get any problems handling that kitchen roll, I have something smaller for you... Here, look, you think this would fit you better?"

"Hey, Hilly, I must go to the toilette as well as soon as Micheal returns. Would you please give the leaf to me?"

"Nooo, no, no! You cannot have it! There are people who are in a far bigger need..."

Hehe, I know what comes next.

"...for example Joerg. When he needs to go to the toilette, I shall give the leaf to him. That kitchen roll would be like a pemper to his tiny bottom. The leaf is exactly what he needs, given his natural backend surface, hehehe."



"Cut it. Kill them all."

"No, no more photos. Leave me alone."

"Wanna go to a disco?"