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Hilly's Time

At some point, Hilly decided to present few photos of hers, made by one famous photomaster's apprentice. Was that a mistake?

"I have some really cool photos here. You should risk a glance, Michael. Take a look (and take a good care about what you say)."

"Hahahahaha!!! Hehehehehe!"

"May I please inquire what are you laughing about, you quitche eater?"

"Hihihihihihihi!! Hahahahahaha!!"

"Okay, allright, you don't like my photos, but I have something else on stock! Lookie here! How about this dress? Isn't it really nice? Isn't it lovely?"

"You ignorant bastards, what is so bloody funny? The dress is really nice, just take a look at it, Michael, you son of a blind bat! Look at the colours, I think it would fit me well, don't you?"

"Still laughing? Well, then, go to HELL, all off you!!"