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Dr. Joerg's Time

Dr. Joerg is deep in the food world. He likes the sushi, yea, he does. He made it himself. It is just... that thing he is stuffing in his mouth right now... is it a sushi piece, or his own tongue?

"Hey, Joerg, how much can you drink, actually? How large a portion can you let glide down your throat without falling down under the table?"

"He can drink this much. Exactly this much. Isn't that right, Michael? Eh?"

"Hehe, if he can drink half that, I shall shoot my own foot! BANG! Hehehehe."

"Uhuhu, Joerg, did you hear that? Shall you let them say that and live? Ohoho, I would now quickly prove myself, if I were you!"

"What did you say? I can drink a whole lot and long before you see what is going on, the drinks shall be gone!"

"Hahahahahahahaha!!! Hehehehehehehehe!! Aye, I would love to see that!"

"Hihihihihihi!!! Hohohohoho!!"

"Joerg, if I were you, now I would really act! I would never let them say that to me."

"OK. Here. Watch and learn, you Barbies... glu glu glu glu glu glu...."