Brief History

I was born on 13. March 1974 in Sarajevo, the capitol of today's Bosnia. Not unlike many others, I went to the primary school. I learned to read and write, the basics of natural and social sciences, the basics of doing mischief and struggling for rank among the peers of the same age.

Some years later, I joined the secondary school for electrotechnics, as was proper at the time. There I learned analog and digital electronics, signal theories, love, friendship and a great deal about myself. Then I was 18, and I thought the day when I will be 22 will never come.

In 1992 I moved to Frakfurt am Main, Germany's most prominent financial centre. I studied at the Frankfurt's University of Applied Sciences and collected working expirience in the software industry. I also tasted marriage, beer, traveling and driving without speed limit.

Eventually I got bored and moved to Japan for a while. There I learned never to take a cab when you miss the last train home, unless someone else is paying. The last hop became Munich, where I still fare, arguing that a river isn't really a river until a ship can travel on it and...

...and so came the present day.


Name: Igor Zlatković
Birth: 13. March 1974 in Sarajevo, Bosnia
Nationality: German
Maritals: married, no children

If you would like to contact me privately, just send me an email. You do not need any particular reason to do so.

Note: Personal information, as known at the time of this writing, is given without any expressed or implied warranty. Although these entries are static in their own right, I reserve the right to change my name, address, telephone, number of children, sex, age, or any combination thereof at my whim without any further notice. :-)

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