Plainly said, I am a software engineer and that lot makes computer programs. You can risk a glance at the services page for a more information about what I can do professionally. The most prominent fields I have been developing software in until now is information management and ebbedded automotive controllers.

Information management is the area of the classic IT, here belongs the software that runs on corporate desktops and servers. This field includes IT infrastructure, databases, data processing, networking, security, user interfaces and the such. I have founded experience in the areas of cryptography, numerical applications, banking, system-software and web-based applications.

Embedded automotive controllers are used by automotive industry to control various parts of the vehicle, the engine, the on-board computers, air-condition and similar. These devices operate in high security constraints, must react in realtime and do their best to recover from all thinkable failures. I have founded expirience in the programming of such devices.

Other application fields for software I have had minor involvements with are mechanics, electronics and automation. This includes things like device drivers, sensoring, signal analysis, motion devices, simulation, process automation and similar.

Every now and then someone asks me to describe my skills with a list of programming languages, technologies, operating systems, protocols and what not. Some people just want acronyms, so here they go.

  • Analysis: OOA, OOD, UML, SA(RT)
  • HL Languages: C, C++, Java, C#, ADA, IDL, SQL, XML, XSL, HTML, some Perl, some Python, some Lisp, VHDL, CAPL
  • Machine Languages: IA32, PPC, V850 and HC12 assembly
  • Operating Systems: Solaris, Linux, Windows, some HP-UX
  • Embedded Operating Systems: OSEK, OSEKtime
  • Technologies & Protocols: DDI/DKI, Java2, .NET, SVG, GDI+, Xlib, OpenGL, SmartCards, PC/SC, CT-API, X509, OpenPGP, CORBA, COM+, RPC, DBLIB, OLEDB, OLAP, MAPI, SMTP, IMAP, HTTP, DNS, LDAP, SSL/TLS
  • Embedded Technologies & Protocols: CAN, FlexRay, MOST, AUTOSAR-SWS, SPI
  • Products: Mathematica, MatLab, CANoe, Lauterbach, CM-Synergy, Eclipse, some AutoCAD, some I-DEAS, Apache/Tomcat, Sendmail, Sybase, MSSQL, MS Exchange, some MySQL, some PostgreSQL

There is a whole lot more to this business than knowing the syntax of a programming language, or some protocol specification. To those who think that they need these acronyms, I recommend reading Software Engineering by Roger S. Pressman.

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