Avoiding the tunnel-vision and never reinventing the wheel produces reusable components.
By progressively refining of your product's data structure, program architecture and interfaces, I help producing a modular design by which the product can be assessed for quality. Always considering alternatives and reusing components reduces the cost and increases robustness and adaptiveness.

Years of experience avoid known, time-consuming pitfalls and produce readable and efficient code.
With the implementation done using leading technologies and programming languages, I provide your product with a solid backbone, improve the portablity and ease future maintenance. Founded expirience with a wide spectrum of procedural and object-oriented languages ensures readability and efficient implementation, while avoiding common pitfalls.

Built from the ground with testability in mind, program modules allow for effective quality management.
With test cases for each program module made using proven testing strategies I help you uncover malfunction with little effort. Using the natural debugging talent and proven approaches, I efficiently locate errors revealed in testing and help you assure the highest possible quality.

I would be happy to hear from you. Feel free to contact me.
EALP, an allocation algorithm
Libxml, GNOME XML & XSLT processor
Sendmail, setting up Sendmail with crypto on RedHat 7.3
eDisclaimers, a collection of email disclaimers
HttpRedirectFilter, A servlet filter for HTTP request redirection
Tinybits, Small scripts and snippets for easier programming life
Libxml, GNOME XML & XSLT processor
eDisclaimers, a collection of email disclaimers
Events, party & event schedule, photo collections from past events
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