Software engineering is a coordinated human endeavour.
Seamlessly integrating into your organisation, I strive to become a part of a jelled team, effectively applying my expertise and increasing productivity.

The early and extensive communication with the customer is essential for the establishment of project's objectives and goals.
With an accurate identification of the problem I assist in producing accurate resource estimates, effective risk assessment, realistic task breakdown and manageable schedule.

The right software process ensures the effective application of competence, technical methods and tools.
Selecting the common process framework and applying a software engineering paradigm tuned to your organisation and the particular project, I help establishing an adequate development plan.

I would be happy to hear from you. Feel free to contact me.
EALP, an allocation algorithm
Libxml, GNOME XML & XSLT processor
Sendmail, setting up Sendmail with crypto on RedHat 7.3
eDisclaimers, a collection of email disclaimers
HttpRedirectFilter, A servlet filter for HTTP request redirection
Tinybits, Small scripts and snippets for easier programming life
Libxml, GNOME XML & XSLT processor
eDisclaimers, a collection of email disclaimers
Events, party & event schedule, photo collections from past events
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