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The internal certification authority on zlatkovic.com is there to establish a trust mechanism for secure connections to zlatkovic.com servers. It exists for two reasons. First, there is no need for the service of an external authority because the trust needs to be established within this domain only. Second, obtaining a suitable X509 certificate from an external autority is not exactly free of cost and since there is no real need, I decided not to pay for this.

The public root certificate of the zlatkovic.com CA can be found here:

You will typically import the root CA certificate into your browser and have it stop complaining when you connect to this site through HTTPS. Various people want this for various reasons. For example, some want a secure connection when they download things from the public archive, to be sure they are really getting the files from this site.

If you have an user account on zlatkovic.com, then you should not get this certificate here, because you will need more than that. You will also need your own X509 certificate issued by this CA to access the areas where you will be required to present one. Please contact the administrator if you are a domain user.

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